About Us

Shoemakers American Grille

Located in what used to be the home of the fifth largest shoe manufacturer in the nation, Shoemakers American Grille is anything but ordinary. Shoemakers American Grille and the Craddock Terry Hotel, both part of the historic Bluffwalk Center in downtown Lynchburg, are overflowing with a rich history.

At the turn of the century (1900-1910) , Lynchburg, Virginia, was the mecca for all things shoes and tobacco. A thriving metropolis, Lynchburg was then one of the most prosperous cities of its size in the United States. One of those contributors to profitability was The Craddock Terry Shoe Company, Lynchburg’s largest employer at the time and supplier of shoes during WWI, WWII, and Korea.

Fast forward 130 years—the area that housed the heart of economic boom in Lynchburg now thrives through a different medium—fine cuisine. Shoemakers American Grille hasn’t lost sight of its roots, however. With shoe themed dining rooms and matching décor lining the walls, Shoemakers is the perfect combination of past and present.

We’re dedicated to building up our vibrant downtown community. The Bluffwalk Center Project consists of Waterstone Pizza, Shoemakers American Grille, Jefferson Street Brewery and Craddock Terry Hotel. These four businesses all work together to bring diversity to the Lynchburg community and boost the local economy.